G7 International 100 Eccellenze Italiane for Anti-Piracy

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    G7 International was born in 2013 from the entrepreneurial idea of Campoli, founder and current president of the group. Dr. Luciano Campoli, graduated in Political Science, Master in Corporate Security, Senior Security Manager UNI 10459/2017 after a period in the Carabinieri, including 4 years in NATO Security in Brussels, joins the Presidenza del Consiglio dei Ministri where, over the years, he has held various positions in the Homeland Security.

    He has been involved in Research, Counter-espionage and Counter-terrorism. From 2011 to 2013 he assumed the role of Executive Assistant to the General Manager at RAI Spa with responsibility for the group’s Security functions. In 2013 he founded G7 Sri, the first Italian anti-piracy security company.

    In 2017 the entry of the new shareholder Rossetti, current CEO, completes an absolutely close-knit and completely complementary governance. Dr. Ettore Rossetti, computer scientist, with a Master in management control and business organization, represents twenty five years of managerial experience with an aptitude for business development and management. Manager, responsible for business lines in some of the largest national companies: ILVA Spa, FINSIEL Spa, TELECOM Spa. M&A consultant and advisor since 2013. Full-time entrepreneur since 2017. Expert in business planning and management, market development, contracts, management control.

    Years of activity in the ICT and Security sector with consolidated and specific experience in direct management of start-ups, projects and companies. In 2017, the two partners redesigned the corporate reorganization that kicked off a demanding industrial plan which, widely respected in terms of policy and expected numbers, led the G7 International to be what it represents today on the national and international scene.

    Hence the conception and participation in projects which, based on security, have given birth to some of the most important national PPP projects. Above all, the SecByTE project created for the Ministry of Defense, Agenzia Industrie Difesa. G7 International today is specialized in providing security and risk management services. G7 International operates successfully in over 20 countries, boasts numerous collaborations with government agencies and is certified ISO 9001:2015, IS014001: 2015, UNl10891, UNI 10459: 2017, UN, NATO and has an agreement signed with the Ministry of Defense for the redeployment of VFB personnel.

    The search for business models, on our own assets has been our winning feature until today. lt has allowed us to base the business on non-labor intensive models, helping (especially in the start-up phase) the company cash flow which underpins the potential of being able to exponentially increase Ebit once the “break even” has been overcome.