Onboard vessels transiting the high risk area (HRA).


    Analysis, study and consequent implementation of the best procedures aimed to the security of the vessel.


    Geopolitical analysis to identify the best logistics solutions.


    GPS dedicated platform for maritime tracking.

    G7International, is the leader society in the maritime protection field and boasts a record: it is the 1st Italian company to have obtained the authorization for the provision of anti-piracy services onboard Italian flagged ships.

    Defending our clients’ ships, their crews and the ports they land in, is our profession.

    The activity in the maritime field consists in the analysis, planning and organization of the customer’ ships safety and in the provision of protection services, carried out through our specialized personnel.

    Ship protection is implemented every day utilizing the best men available. In fact, all of our guards came from the special units of the Italian armed forces. Their coordination is entrusted to Security Managers who improve their skills and competences.

    In a view of continuous improvement and corporate sustainability G7 added, over the years, to the normal services related to the protection of merchant ships flying the Italian flag, a series of additional services, so as to complete its offer in the maritime field. In this way, we are able to present integrated solutions to meet the demands of the Italian and international market.

    • Analysis and evaluation of Maritime Risks
    • Security services on board ships
    • Maritime Security Planning
    • Anti-piracy operations
    • Port Surveys
    • Security on offshore platforms
    • Security in ports
    • Ship Security Assessment (SSA)
    • Ship Security Audits
    • Cyber ​​security
    • G7 provides assistance in the implementation of the SSA. This is the basis of the ship’s security plan, as it consists in identifying all the weaknesses of the latter, in order to develop all the measures to reduce the risks.
    • The analysis of Maritime Risks is one of the intelligence and support activities for the preparation of Risk Assessments and Maritime Safety Planning.
    • G7 offers a consultancy service for updating ship security plans, making reference to all the necessary measures for the embarkation of PCASP and the implementation of information security (cybersecurity) for ships subject to ISPS code.
    • Given the continuous technological development, new threats have appeared in the maritime sector. In fact, today the risk of unauthorized access and attacks against ship systems has increased significantly. In response to the new cyber threat, G7 offers an analysis service, plans and procedures aimed at increasing and maintaining a high level of security of information systems on board ships.
    • Shipowners: Linea Messina, Trebbini Capital, V. Ships, Motia, EXmar, Giuseppe Bottiglieri, Roberto Rizzo Bottiglieri, Michele Bottiglieri, Neri, Scerni Group, TTLine, Augustea, Synergas, Finaval Spa, Millenia, Fratelli D’Amico Armatori, Crystalpool , Ship Owners, D’alesio, Premusa, Perseverance, Navigazione Montanari, Cafimar Group, Bourbon, Motia.