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First company in Italy authorized to provide anti-piracy services on board merchant ships, it can also boast a significant presence in the Horn of Africa. The Djibouti base (Djibouti), in fact, is used for training, training and logistics.
The excellent professionalism and the high qualification of our staff, coming both from Apparatus of State Intelligence and from the Italian Special Forces and Elite Forces of other countries, allows us to operate in any context, easily overcoming any barriers, be they linguistic and / or cultural. The high quality of the services offered, the ethical approach “within the rules and with professionalism”, as well as the active collaboration with government agencies to ensure technical and logistic support, have allowed the company to obtain the release of international certifications.

Over the years, the G7 group has developed an enormous amount of know-how that up to now has been made available to customers through five offering Business Units.

Each Business Unit internally develops consultancy, services and training.
The strong competence in developing complex solutions has allowed us to consolidate 4 fundamental characteristics:

Efficiency in analysis (assessmenet)
Definition and management of projects
Security services
Training (constantly updated)
The management of G7 is entrusted to people who have gained thirty years of experience in the world of security and to managers with equally long-term experiences in managing large national and international companies.

G7 is a company in agreement with the Ministry of Defense for the relocation of military personnel discharged without demerit (VFP1 – VFP4).

Our services deal with, for example:
Armed and unarmed security guards
Maritime security consultancy
SSAS monitoring 24/7 and ship tracking
Crisis response
Ship recovery
Evaluation and security plans of the ISPS code
Control of ship security
Anti-piracy training
Security services for private yachts

Accreditation, certification, insurance:
ISO 9001:2015
UNI & ISO 14001:2015
UNI 10981
convention with MOD for replacing VFB
Certificate of Senior Security Manager of Luciano Campoli
Prefectural license for anti-piracy

(ITA) Convenzione con MOD per il ricollocamento dei VFB
Attestato di Senior Security Manager di Luciano Campoli
Licenza prefettizia per antipirateria