G7International is a group of companies, specialized in the security and information technology fields.

    The company is characterized by high level of expertise and a well-established presence in national and international markets.

    The group is composed by business realities that have worked for decades in their respective areas of competence that have merged into a context in which they can act synergistically in a structured development plan.

    The business organization is based on business units referred to specific market areas (Security, Software development, System Integration) and on management and governance units (Administration and finance, HR, Management Control, Management team, …) which constitute the common basis of the whole group.

    Nowadays, G7 International is an business reality with a very consolidated market presence (more than 400 customers overall) able to express proficiency and quality.

    This allows the group to operate in every corner of the globe in full legality and in compliance with international standards, as well as being supported by institutional partners for the efficient performance of security, training and consultancy services.

    G7 has always developed its business in high-risk areas outside Italy, where the demand for security still represents a necessity that not always has been pleased in a satisfactory manner.


    The company management and the operative structures, coming from entrepreneurial and industrial experiences of national and international importance, directly manage the services offered by the group.

    Governance is entrusted to a management team that supports the chairman and the CEO.


    The company holds general and sector specific certifications as described below:

    General qualifications and certifications

    • ISO 9001: 2015.
    • UNI & ISO 14001: 2015.
    • UNI 10981.

    Security field qualifications and certifications.

    • License for maritime anti-piracy activities released by the Prefecture of Rome.
    • Agreement with MOD for the redeployment of VFBs (enlisted volunteers).
    • Certificate of Senior Security Manager of Luciano Campoli.
    • Authorization to carry out private investigation activities released by the prefecture of Rome.
    • Authorization to carry out safety activities during public events.